1. The work of getting the text typed into computer has been spearheaded by S. Avtar Singh & Davinder Kaur Dhami, 3336 Bridge Road Hayward, CA 94545, USA; who got the text typed in Amritsar, India and also paid for this task. This is all done with permission from Dr. Daljit Singh, M.B.B.S, M.S., Amritsar, India.

2. The sewa (free service) of correcting and formatting of all text for computer use and web page making is done by Kulbir S Thind, MD.  Dr. Thind maintains this web-site.

3. The original typed text had many spelling mistakes. To correct the spelling mistakes in Gurbani text, in the late part of year 2006, Dr. Thind has updated the web site with corrected Gurbani text (in Unicode Gurmukhi) , that he incorporated by taking it from the Gurbani-CD. Over a span of time webpages are converted to Unicode by Dr. Thind