1. Translation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Darpan of Professor Sahib Singh in Hindi along with correct pronunciations text is done by Bhupinder Singh Bhaikhel of Mohali, India. He himself typed the text on computer and his wife Pushpinder Kaur helped in proof-reading.

2. The sewa (free service) of web page making and conversion of text to Unicode is done by Kulbir S Thind, MD.  Dr. Thind maintains this web-site. The original document, as prepared by Bhupinder Singh Bhaikhel, used a non-standard Hindi font, "Kruti". This font is probably easier to type on a standard English keyboard. In this font, full letters are often typed with a combination of half letters and matra ा. Many full letters are also used. Vowel sign ो is often made by combining ा & े (or with े & ा) and many such other non-standard combinations are used. Non-alphabet keys of keyboard has also been mapped for typing letters. Thus many of the keys that are normally used for creating formatting tags for web-pages have also been used for the text (Hindi letters). That makes it more difficult to make web-pages. However, more than that, the conversion of Hindi text typed with non-standard Kruti font to Unicode becomes the most challenging issue. With the grace of the almighty and abundance of work days, the text is also converted to Unicode (the International standard of scripts). Currently, the web-pages are being made in Unicode; some are uploaded here and more will be done in due time, until completion.
Gurbani text used for web-pages is the converted text from Gurmukhi to Devanagari as from Gurbani-CD-Uni prepared by Dr. Thind